Welcome, newbie!

Welcome Piggies
Hello there, wonderfabulous!

Before we get started, here is a list of words.

Ludicrously kick-ass
Rock it out
Blazing magnificence

If none of these words made you smile or high-five a passing stranger, then this probably isn’t the website for you.

(If you got any of the references in the above list, I shall high-five you myself.)

Still here? Welcome!

Make yourself comfortable and I shall tell you what all this colour and cussing is about.

Firstly, we both know that you are capable of magnificence. This isn’t up for debate: you rock it the fuck out in your business, often.

But you don’t do it every day.

You love your work one week, but despair of it the next.

You have three gob-smackingly amazing clients, five pretty-good-ish ones, and two flat-out nightmares.

The financial output of your business resembles a learner driver in a manual stick-shift car: surge and jerk. Surge and jerk. (Then stall in the middle of the intersection.)

Sometimes you deliver transformative experiences that fill you with pride. Sometimes you take the money and scuttle away.


My job is to help you light up your moments of business magnificence and multiply them. Dramatically. (Like Tribbles of rockitude!)

To attack compromise with a machete, dump the bloodied corpse in a ravine, and help you change the locks so it can’t return.

And then to amplify your most amazing work so that you can deliver it every single day to the people who will deeply adore it.

Quite simply, the more consistent you are in delivering magnificence, the more consistent your profit and pleasure will be. And then you own a business that blesses everyone it touches.


That’s why we’re here. That why we aren’t safe and comfortable in the day job land of morning teas and sick leave.


And my work is here to help you have that for yourself.

Is this for me?

Tell me this, wonderfabulous.

Do you believe that cash and joy are equally important and want to run a business that produces squoodles of both?

Do you want to BLAZE? To strive for magnificence in every aspect of your work?

Are you an unashamed world-changer? (You know that the world would be worse off without your work.)

Will you constantly challenge me to grow in skills, and in soul?

Are you okay without a cushion under hard truths? ‘Cos you know that clarity is necessary for greatness, and honesty comes from love.

Do you regard your fears as logistical issues, not roadblocks?

Are you never backward about coming forward? (You respect and share your feelings, without making me responsible for them.)

Do you take your work passionately, but not seriously: you bring the funny and love to play?

Are you a fast thinker, a fast talker, and fast to implement?

Will you feel heart-swelling gratitude for our work, and rush to recommend it to other amazing people?

Will you respect my time, and feel a giddy thrill when you pay for it?

Are you impatient to ROCK IT THE FUCK OUT and take massive inspired action? (Right now!)

I feel giggly just writing that. I adore my work and my Radiant Clients.

If that’s me, then what do I do now?


… high-five me again for being totally frickin’ awesome. *thoop* Damn right.


You must must MUST sign up right now for Rise and Shine. That’s an email series, but not a boring forgettable 10 Steps To A Slightly Better Outcome kind. Nope, if you sign up for one week and the resources don’t blow your socks off and melt your brain, then I swear to drive over to your house with one of those complimentary gift baskets with gold-foil everything.

I can promise that I am unlikely to be required to figure out the logistics of driving my car Betty over the ocean, ‘cos these resources really are all that and then some.

While you’re waiting for that email to arrive, it’s a good time to…

Browse the archives.

I write about Who your bestest people are, What your best work is, How to deliver sock-rocking experiences, and Why all this matters in the first place.

I also constantly revisit the concepts of consistency and trail-blazing.

Oh, and sometimes I interview very intelligent people.

Want to go direct to the best articles? Here are my favourites:

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Once you’re energised with articles and those free resources, you’ll be raring to go deeper and start retooling your business toward consistent magnificence. (I love that about you.)

How can we light up my business with consistent magnificence?

To learn more about the raft of resources I offer to help you kung-fu your way to consistent business magnificence, go to the Radiant Resources list.

How do I meet up with all the other amazing readers? Because a room full of people like me sounds ridiculously amazeballs.

There are consistently insightful conversations in the comments of the articles, and that’s a great place to start.

I’m on Twitter a lot, and so are many amazing readers. Come say hi there and I’ll introduce you.

You can also join the Cash and Joy Facebook page, which is quietly growing and getting more focus from me. (I started it because people asked for it, but now it’s taking on a life of its own.)

So who the hell are you, anyway?

If you’re curious, there’s always the About page.

I love this website. What should I do now?

Tell people about it. Tell ME about what works for you. Sign up for Rise and Shine. Listen to the free Goddamn Radiant session and buy one for yourself.

But most of all, go do amazing, magnificent work. That’s the best way to pay me back.

Rock on,

Creative Commons License photo credit: Enokson