About Me

I’m here for your brilliance.

For endless slow-mo high-fives. For sacred irreverence. Fabulosity AND awesomeosity. For making up your own words. For light. For glitter – but not sequins. For mind-bamboozlement. Double-kick drumming. For light. PLAY. For texture. For pie and the taste of tasty words. I am for sixteen, although I do not know why. I am for rhythm. I am for stretching and reaching. I am for BLAZE.

My name’s Catherine Caine. If we were playing Dungeons & Dragons, I would definitely be the bard.

This is my favourite picture of me.

I am: a business strategist for delightful weirdos.

I’d prefer “incendiary minstrel” as a job title, myself. Or “storytelling provocateur”. (Google is quiet on those terms, for some reason.)

What that means is: I’m here to help you build a business that blesses everyone it touches. Including you. Especially you.

‘Cos you’re ridiculously amazingpants.

I know that when every single part of you comes to play, you are powerful beyond belief. You create work that your right people would fight Mecha-Godzilla for.

And from there you have the path to a business that produces squoodles of cash and joy.

I am not promising that your biz will become a non-stop ATM/sherbert fountain.

I’ve been broke.
I’ve been broken.
I’ve been both.


I always find the way back.

Back to work that lights me up.
Back to brilliant clients.
Back to abundance of spirit, and bank account.
Back to play.
Back to cash and joy.

It’s always, always possible to unfuck your business. I believe this.

How I’m going to deliver unto you, baybee…

We’re gonna get our Skype on.

I will ask you oddball, playful questions.

And then, I’m going to ask those questions again. Over, and over, and over.

And over again.

Until the scaryexciting possibilities start turning up. The no-compromise, no-bullshit, holy-shit-you-mean-I-could-do-THIS-really? kinda stuff.

Until you can’t imagine any business for yourself except a giddyfyingly brilliant one.

I’ve done this hundreds of times. You’re in safely dangerous hands.

You want some of this?

Of course you do.

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And there are even more ways to get in touch.

Now, go forth and ROCK IT THE FUCK OUT.

Love and bazookas,