Goddamn Radiant

Let’s talk about how amazing you are for a minute.

You, my darlingheart, are a fascinating chipmunk.

Lively, energetic and curious, an amplifier of the energy in a room. A mystic on a motorbike. A collector of tea spoons. An accidental rebel and a voracious devourer of the world’s beauties. A wearer of improvised hats.

You are impossible to ignore, and too delightful for people to want to.

Your biz, on the other hand…

If your business was a house you’d drive past it at least once a week and have to back up.

If your business was a dress you’d have to sew your name into the label to find it after the laundry.

If your business was a suitcase, you’d have to attach a scarf to the handle at the airport.

Your business is… we must admit it… beige.


And it’s making you miserable.

Of course it is! This business requires you to censor yourself every single minute. To repress the hundreds of tangential, oddball, evocative inconsequentialities you naturally express when interacting with the beautiful world, and replace it with Corporate Standard 3.8.

It’s a kind of living death. An infection.

Somewhere, my sweet, you picked up the idea that Business Is Serious Business.


Oh but your precious nonsense, my lovely.

Your most precious nonsense. That advice was wrong. You don’t need to leave your nonsense behind.

You can, you truly can, have a business that is as delightful and fascinating and strange as you are. You can describe your clients as chipmunks. (I called you a chipmunk in the first line. A fascinating chipmunk, in fact. Did you notice? Because this is business, and you’re still here…)

Business You and Personal You can align, can become two expressions of your best self.


And listen. Not only is it possible for you to create a business that is as fascinating as you are, it is necessary. We already have enough beige! We want, we hunger, we crave YOU. We’ve been waiting, impatiently, for you to show up and rock our socks off.

Right now, you’re a fascinating person in a boring business.

In a very short time, you could be a fascinating person in an incandescent business.

I’d like you to meet Goddamn Radiant.

That’s you, and me, and some deeee-lightful resources, all conspiring together to set your biz ablaze.

We’ll excavate the work, the clients, the philosophies and the style of you at your absolute best.

And then we’ll burn down everything else. If it’s not amazing, it is outta here.

No more pleasant, forgettable clients.
No more tiny compromises of the values that drew you into business.
No more lifeless, sigh-inducing marketing.
No more exhaustipating, doin-it-for-the-cash work.


By the time we’re done, your business will have:
gobsmackingly brilliant clients
amazingpants rocketsauce offerings

Aww yeah.

How Goddamn Radiant works.

Part the first: Get Smart

We start with treasure hunting.

You didn’t wake up on your first day as a businessperson and say, “I have an idea. I’m going to strangle all my best impulses and play by someone else’s arbitrary rules, no matter how badly they fit me and my strengths.”

It was a gradual process of dilution and constraint and authority-worship that got you to here, honey. A thousand small decisions to listen to someone other than you.

But all the scary forbidden thoughts, the if-only-I-coulds, the quiet mutinies… you still have them. They’ve gone underground, where they mutter at you from your pillow at 3am. And they want to be heard.

Get your shovel. We are going to dig until we find your deepest, truest answers for the following questions:


Those four answers feed each other. They’re resonant, a power chord played by that guitarist you worshipped in high school, the one who could make you shiver from your head to the backs of your knees.

Together they make revolutionary clarity.

Your decisions come fast and easy, your progress all moves in the same direction, and it all feels so frictionless you’re almost alarmed.

Up until now, that’s been the entirety of Goddamn Radiant. Because this much clarity is power, and you’re smart enough to chase what you want (and stop chasing what you don’t want) once you know what it is.

But I got ambitious. I want to rock your world a bit harder than that. So there’s more.

Part the second: Get Organised

Now you know all the changes you want to make: new things to add, some to change, some to bid adieu.

How do you stay on track, and make sure you don’t slip back into bad old compromising habits?

We set up structure, that’s how.

I know, it doesn’t sound terribly sexy, but intelligent guidelines are the motherfucking BOMB. If you want to take your gorgeous new high standards and actually bring them over into the real world, then guidelines are the way to do it.


Which ones you need depends on you, but can include:

Your Business Rules – what you do, and what you don’t
Style Sheet – pastel or neon? gentle or fierce?
Offerings Checklist – predict your own success
Perfect Client Recipe – right clients, every time
Your Relationship – are you the drill sergeant, or the courtesan?

These guidelines make the process of small decisions (Should I write about this sensitive topic?) and big decisions (Is this a good person for me to team up with?) one zillion times easier. They give you the right framework to think about your biz and what it needs.

And they encourage you to take action. Big-ass bold brilliant action. The kind of thrilling firecracker action that’s been missing from your biz for so so long.

Part the third: Get It On

You have clarity. You have structure. So… go!

Whaddaya mean, it’s not that easy?

Oh, the internal and external forces that got you to this place are still in operation? And you’re afraid you’ll go back to your tame old ways? And knowing “I don’t want this” does not, by itself, furnish an alternate plan?

Oh yeah. Good point.

Luckily, you’re going to have six months of membership in The Provocateurs, where dozens of creative brilliant rebels (and me) are talking about problems like this and helping each other to shine through ’em.

It’s a group that will understand the changes you’re going through, cheer your successes, and suggest solutions to your problems that you’d actually enjoy implementing.


How to get Goddamn Radiant.

First you’ll click on the button below and choose either the one-payment or three-payment option.

As soon as you’ve completed the transaction, you’ll receive your first email with electronic access to DIY Magnificence (my fave resource for asking the Who, How, What and Why questions), your first challenges, and access to The Provocateurs.

Your bee-yew-diful physical copy of DIY Magnificence will take a week or two to arrive, depending on where you are in the world.

You’ll also receive a link to my scheduler. You have three hours of one-on-one time during this work (with a bonus half-hour at the beginning and end), and you have lots of latitude to split it up according to your needs.


Generally, you’ll use resources like DIY Magnificence to figure out the overall shape of your answers, and use the one-on-one time to sharpen, harmonise and amplify them. (And also to get unstuck. I guarantee you’ll get stuck at some point.)

I’ll be appearing in your inbox frequently, with solutions for whatever is ailing you, extra tools, and the occasional haiku.

(Warning: I am not that great at haiku.

Decisions are hard.
Ev’ry “yes” has a “no” in.
Just suck it up, kid.

But I’ll keep practicing!)

Together, you and I will uncover your magnificence, systemise it, and unleash it on the world.

Are you ready to step into your best work?

Goddamn Radiant is $US895, or three monthly payments of $325.

Click the big shiny button to begin your adventure.

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More questions? Read on!

Can I get a taste of what this is like?

Sure! Here’s a free session I did with the wonderpants Shanna Mann, in a one-hour Goddamn Radiant session.

Audio MP3


Why are you including a copy of DIY Magnificence?

Well, I created DIY Magnificence from the questions I ask most often in Goddamn Radiant sessions. I realised that if you come to our one-on-one time super prepared (having already answered the basic questions I ask every time) then we can get to the bedrock faster and cover a lot more insight in a much shorter time.

Also, it means you have DIY Magnificence to refer back to once our time is over. It’s brilliant for planning out new offerings, or adjusting the business direction when things change.

How long does this process take?

That’s entirely up to you, jellybean! If you’re impatient (likely) and want to dive in and get as much done as quickly as possible, then maybe a month? If you’ve got other commitments, or a holiday planned for mid-way through, or you like to take your transformations slow and gentle, then it’ll take longer. You’re in charge.


So Goddamn Radiant is different now?

Yep! I’ve been offering this service since late 2010, and I’ve gotten much better at it. It was time for me to level up.


So tell me what’s included now…

An electronic & physical copy of DIY Magnificence ($150)
Three hours of one-on-one focus over Skype, with all calls recorded and sent to you for later reference ($850)
– Plus a bonus half hour so we can refine (and celebrate) after you’ve spent some time implementing
Six months’ membership in The Provocateurs ($150)
Extra worksheets and resources as you need them, plus terrible haiku ($1 zillion)

You’re gonna love it.

Are you ready to step into the brilliant business you deserve?

Then choose the option that’s right for you, and let’s do this!

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I still have questions…

Nae problemo! Go ahead and email me and we’ll organise a time to talk. I want you to make the decision that’s right for you.

Rock on,