News and gossip

Here’s what I get up to when I’m not here.

Guest posts

I got to write a couple of articles for Pitch University. I had the delight of naming one Where’s the Beef? and the other is called more prosaically Don’t Pitch to Everyone (3 Ways to Use Your Book to Find Your Audience).

If you love a good origin story, check out my Fear, Exposed post on The Middle Finger Project.

After years of in-field research, I wrote a guest post for Elizabeth Potts-Weinstein on the difference between cool and awesome (and why you can’t be both).

For Henri at Wake Up Cloud, I wrote another origin-type tale named There is No Burning Bush (or How to Go After Your Dreams).

I talked about some of the lessons I’d learned while making a product out of a very intuitive service for the amazing Ainslie at Courses That Matter.

Has there ever been a cooler name for a website than Bacon Is Magic? I doubt it! I wrote an article about how I quit happy, and why it was the best decision ever.

At Copyblogger I talked about shoeboxes and how to get more clients, money and respect for your copywriting business (although the lessons apply to any other kind of business!).

And over at Problogger I gave advice on how to be a successful creative sprinter. I’m getting goood at it.

I completed the Blogger Trifecta! Over at Remarkablogger I talked about why your best work is your best marketing strategy. With bonus fairies.

For the wonderful Mike at Be Amazing Today, I talked about the tango of action and passion, and why it doesn’t work like I always thought.

And for the marvellous Tara Gentile, I wrote about the economics of gifts (and what that means for your business).

Other cool happenings

Can now officially describe myself as a SOB. Check it out, there’s a badge and everything!

Oooh, pretty!

I’m one of Problogger‘s top 40 bloggers to watch for this year! (So well done on already watching me, I guess?) The rest of the people on that list are glorious and worth checking out, too. Also, the PostRank people calculated the engagement of each website, and Cash and Joy came in at number four. That’s fantastic for a website that was three months old at the time! I’ve always focused on engagement over… well, pretty much everything else. It’s so lovely to have a metric to put around it.

I was interviewed for the Passive Panda Freelancing series, which is full of smart people being smart.

And I’m IN this article Willie Hewes wrote with her monster. Apparently the sun shines out of my ass, but I’m a harlot. (Yes, I laughed at that until my sides ached.)

I was back at Blogcast FM for the second time – the first happened while I was still over at Be Awesome Online – and talked energetically about why quality trumps quantity when selling products on your blog.

Want to hear why I would NEVER go back to my Day Job? Makeness asked me, and lots of other kick-ass peeps.

Hooray for Failure Celebration Week at Puttylike! I shared one of my biggest failures and why it was amazing.

For Brandmaker News, I put in my thoughts on the best ways to create brand fanatics.

Erin Clark wrote an amazing follow-up to one of my favourite posts, about the brutality of transformation.

The wonderpants Andy Hayes interviewed me about transformation and alchemists. And bunny slippers.

I talked and wore a beanie with Tricia for Spoken You’s Doormat Diaries interview. I’ve come a looong way.

Steven interviewed me for the Ending the Grind podcast, where I unloaded mucho de smartness.