DIY Magnificence

Why hello there. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

True to the pure transformational magic that Ms. Caine works on lives & businesses, DIY Magnificence has by FAR exceeded all expectations, and has sent me into a veritable dervish of divine re-ignition and nothing-but-the-truth telling.

Whenever my pack starts to feel a little too heavy, I return now to Catherine radiating off the page to me to do be 100% honest about just how much I can give the world.

In DIY Magnificence, Ms. C has created a recipe to save (and exalt) your business’ soul. – Ming-Zhu Hii

Your mission, if you choose to accept it…

I want YOU to create more awesomeness in the world. Because life is way too short not to shine.

I created DIY Magnificence to help you create your best work by providing you with the gift of clarity and insight so you can run the fast track to cash and joy. Oh, and I am so sure that I will get you that magnificence that I have a money-back guarantee.

Is that it? Is that the sale? Yes and no.

You have landed on this page for many different reasons. Maybe you love me (whythankyou) and want to explore my world a little more. Or perhaps you heard there was an amazing product that will provide you the clarity to rock your business out in the most amazing way. (Hells yes!)  Or maybe you just fell down the web rabbit hole and found yourself here. If I had to roll a die and pick one, I would guess you came here because you want to get the cash and joy yumminess for yourself.

So, let’s take a half step back.

How do you get to that sweet spot where cash and joy overflow and life is super sweet?

Well, there are lots of ways to make money (well documented and often booooring) and plenty of ways to bring the joy, but I have found that your shortest and most fulfilling path to both cash and joy is your best work.

I have built this business on JUST the yummy stuff and nothing else.

I created DIY Magnificence because I wanted to do something amazing. I am an addict to creating amazing work. It is awesomesauce. It is BLISSFUL. (It is also hella profitable.) And so of course I want that for you, too.

Ok, let that marinate for a bit. Your best work is the key to your soul happiness. Know what that means? You are already there.

So why aren’t you creating your best work already?

  • It’s not a lack of desire.
  • It’s not laziness.
  • Or the economy.
  • It’s not a lack of skills and insight and general amazingness.

It’s a lack of clarity.

Clarity, my darlings – the laser-point targeting system that allows you to drop all your amaaaaazing skills and talents and kickassitude on the exact right spot to make them go BOOOM.

I created DIY Magnificence to help you get clear and send you on the path to amazing work.

So, how do we create work that is truly magnificent and wonderful, that effectively bridges the gap between cash and joy?

It starts with answering these questions:

  • Who is this for? – Who would get the most impact from your work, and be happy to invest their time and money in it?
  • What is it? – What are the specifics of what you’re offering?
  • How will it be delivered? – Great execution can take an idea from ordinary to world-changing.
  • Why does it matter? – To create heart-breakingly great work, we have to very specific about why it matters.

When you can answer those four questions with power and clarity, you can create work that is a sonic boom of WOW.

Figuring that stuff out isn’t easy, is it?

Au contraire, it is damn hard. (If it was easy, everyone would do it. Which would be awesome, but I wouldn’t have needed to create this resource.)

You’re gonna need some help… and that is where DIY Magnificence comes in.

Why do you need DIY Magnificence?

By creating your most remarkable work, you are creating a world that people want to be a part of. Once you start doing the work you absolutely adore, you will start to light up everything. And once you get lit, nothing will stop you… hellooooo cash and joy. (Not tiny amounts, either. Nope, we’re talking SOUL AND BANK ACCOUNT ABUNDANCE, which is possibly the sexiest phrase I’ve ever written.)

What is DIY Magnificence?

This resource is a combination of excellent marketing advice and transcendentally awesome soul development.

DIY Magnificence is a toolbox to help you answer the four questions:

  • Who is this for?
  • What is it?
  • How will it be delivered?
  • Why does it matter?

These are the questions that are designed to bridge the gap, to help you create something truly magnificent. You’ll be creating awesome. DIY, baby.

In order to answer those 4 big questions, you’ll answer 60 other ones.

Sounds a little crazy? Well, stay with me here.

These questions are all about digging into the deep recesses of your brain you don’t always know how to access on your own.  Here is the thing that most people won’t tell you but I have no problem letting you know: You have everything you need to create magnificent, spine-tingling work.

You just have to shout, shout, let it all out. (Sorry!) But you do have to get that big jumble of amazing thoughts, sift them, organise them, and then articulate them. That’s what this resource is for – I’m not telling you the answers, I’m just helping you to pull them out of yourself.

You’ll have epiphanies by the minute.  You’ll think about your gifts, you audience, your desire and align them harmoniously for cash and joy overflow. (Woooot!)

What is in DIY Magnificence?

It is a whole lotta awesome. (Seriously, I couldn’t make a resource about how to do magnificent work and do it half-assed, could I?) DIY Magnificence is a workbook, flashcards, a set of CDs and some other super secret things that are super secret but incredible. It’s also totally tactile and gets sent directly to your door. Nothing like literally having your sparkly future in your hands.

Want all the juicy details? Here we go.

The workbook

The workbook is a ludicrously gorgeous 5.5 x 8.5 inch, 70-page, full-colour spiral-bound workbook, with plenty of room to write your answers.

Here’s a sample, from the chapter on what you need to know to get the most out of the resource.

(Isn’t it stunning? All hail the amazing Ashley Inzer, my wonderful designer for this project!)

The flash cards

Every question that is asked in the workbook is also included on its own 3.5 x 5 inch flash card. You can hand them to someone else and ask them to interview you, or meditate on each question, or rapid-fire through them… whatever works for you.

(You can see smaller examples of some of the flash cards in the sidebar over there to the right.)

The audio CDs

I know some of you are auditory learners, and I didn’t want to let you down.

So I recorded myself reading you the questions.

In fact… I did it twice.

The first CD is Calm, where I ask the questions in a calm and loving voice. It’s great for when you want to sink into your thoughts without anyone getting in the way.

The second CD is Excited, where I put a LOT more energy into the questions. It’s great for the times when you want to jump up and down on the couch and shout your answers. (All the energy of Tom Cruise, without the crazy. Okay, a little bit of the crazy.)

The invitation

There’s a special invitation to a one-on-one session once you’ve finished the workbook. We’ll spend an hour together discussing your answers, and how to use them to create insanely powerful marketing.

The mystery bonus

There are other things in the box. They are amazing.

Whee, mystery!

Wanna see a bit more?

Here is the delightful Elizabeth opening her copy of DIY Magnificence and then singing a song she wrote about it.

Do you have clients who write songs about your work? I bet you don’t.

(If you want to, then this is the resource for you.)


How much does it cost?

The beautiful workbook, 65 flash cards, 2 audio CDs, an hour with me, and the mystery additions, all in a pretty box that arrives at your door, is $US190.

And I am so damn confident that you will get the aforementioned show-stopping clarity that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. (All I ask is that if this doesn’t suit your style, then you pass it on to someone you think might get the glow.)

If you’re ready to make stuff that’s worth talking about, buy it today.

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What Catherine’s created in DIY Magnificence is a beautifully thought-out and presented course which will enable you to create your Magnum Opus in a product. It doesn’t get too bogged down in the details of making and marketing, but instead helps you draw out your own knowledge and talent, and shape it in such a way as to really shine to your ideal clients. – Iain Gray

Still not 1-zillion-percent sure? Contact me and I’ll help you get sure whether now is the right time. (And I will tell you if I don’t think this resource is for you. I hate having uneasy money in my bank account.)

What are you waiting for? It’s time to be magnificent!

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