Rise and Shine

I’m the Jiminy Cricket of your radiance.

Every now and again I pop into your inbox to remind you how amazing you are, and more. (Much more.)

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Free resources. Really, really good ones.
A place where you can shout that you wanna change the world.
Pictures of the blanket fort I built.
More exclamation marks than you know what to do with.
A permission slip for transformative honesty.
Anecdotes that stick with you forever.
Your own cheerleading section (with extra pompoms).
A ticket to your best self, with a side of courage.
The hard truths inside a radiant business.
Practical whimsy.
Lots and lots of endearments.
Squoodles of empathy.
Black Sabbath and The Princess Bride.
Loving on where you are, and a calling toward more.

Are you ready to rock it the fuck out?

It’s time to Rise and Shine.


Teeny testimonials (Teenymonials?)

Happy to see your newsletter again! It’s like a kangaroo just jumped into my head. In the best possible way. – Teresa

Thank you, Catherine!
This IS the best spreadsheet in the world!!
I actually do work with excels and I do take into consideration all these parameters, but my sheets looks so boring… you made it look like calculating my cost is such fun 🙂
you’re the best! – Noga.

Just finished up your Radiant Work thingy — I love you SO MUCH. I have clarity! – Kate

The new “Rise and Shine” is sheer wonder and delight. And free? Wowzas! Love it! – El