The 100% effective guide to specifying your audience

Love Only
I’m strolling by and I see you moping at the side of the road, with a blue helium balloon tied to your wrist. “Hi there, sweetie,” I say. “What are you looking so glum about?”

You pull the balloon down by its string and show it to me. On its side in yellow letters it says I RECEIVED ADVICE I DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE OVER THE INTERNET!

“Oh. I see. What’s the dilemma?”

You say, There’s been this wave of people lately talking about how you need to be specific about your audience. You glare at me meaningfully but I just grin. Well, I want to be specific, sure. But when have you gone far enough? When’s too far? How do I know when I’ve gotten it right?

I keep grinning. “I actually know how to solve this one for you. Good timing on your behalf, too – I’ve been unconsciously doing this in client sessions for months but I didn’t have words around it until very recently. So you get it first: here’s the litmus test and here’s how to use it.”

You perk up. Bring it on!

The deep and meaningful questions

“Right, I’m going to ask passersby some questions, note what I do.” I walk up to a woman in a very sharp suit and I say, “Hello there. I’m from the internet – may I ask you a few short questions?”

She replies, “Sure, I guess.”

“Thank you very much. Firstly, are you a woman?”


“Are you a business professional?”

“Yes, I’m an electrical engineer.”

“Are you a woman breaking into a traditionally male-dominated industry?”

“Hells yes I am!”

“Thank you very much,” I say, and walk back to you. “Did you see it?”

Did I see what?

“Ah, okay, another demonstration.” I walk over to a guy wearing an XKCD shirt and playing a Nintendo 3DS. “Hello there! Are you a geek?”

“Yep, sure am.”

“Are you a gamer?”


“Are you the kind of gamer who’d be interested in thoughtful critical analysis of the video game industry?”

“Hells yes I am!”

“Thanks very much, and enjoy the show.” I return to you. “Did you see it that time?”

Well, I saw that they both responded with “Hells yes I am” on your third question.

“Why do you think they did that?”

Because… you got more specific?

“Yes, but more than that. I got specific by finding the identities they care deeply about.”

Identity is POWER.

“Let’s use the businesswoman as an example. At first, I asked if she was a woman. She is, it’s part of her identity, but it’s not something she is profoundly attached to as a concept. Asking her age would have the same effect, which is why I’m so vehement that demographics suck and should be used sparingly if at all… but I digress.

“Then I asked what her job was. She’s clearly invested in it, but it isn’t a core part of her identity to be an electrical engineer. It was when I asked her about being a woman in a male-dominated industry that she lit up – that’s a part of herself she cares deeply about, and it’s one that really matters to her. Probably because she deals with that constant friction all the time – in order to thrive, she’s had to build that identity every day for years.”

Oh. I get it. If I made a website for electrical engineers she’d be mildly interested, but if I made it for female electrical engineers, or for women in any profession that’s mostly male, then she’d be excited.

“Well done, exactly! What about the other guy? You try.”

Okay, he was pretty calm and matter-of-fact about being a geek – didn’t that used to be a big deal?

“Yeah, but not so much these days.”

And he was also pretty blasé about being a gamer, which I’m going to assume is a geek who plays video games. And clearly that’s still too broad as a category.

“Got it in one!”

So there would be lots of types of gamer that he wouldn’t respond to. But the idea of being one who likes thoughtful critiques… he wants to be the guy who thinks about video games, who’s playing them for a reason?

“Well done! Yes, he wouldn’t want to be lumped in with the Wii-playing grannies or the abuse-flinging seventeen-year-olds on Xbox Live. He’s a mature gamer – it’s part of his identity, and one he cares about deeply.”

How did you know that in two questions?

“The XKCD shirt was a dead giveaway. Besides, I do this all day; I’m fantastic at it.”

The magical formula

You think for a minute. So what you’re really saying is that I should keep digging until my audience would answer “Hells yes I am” to my questions?

“Exactly! It’s so damn simple, I could hug myself with pride.” Which I then do, making small humming noises. “If you imagine your audience clearly and you say to them, “Are you this kind of person?” there are three possible responses. They could say no – which is a problem, of course – or they could say, “Yep” which is good but you’re not there yet, or they could jump out of their chair saying, “HELLS YES I AM!” That last place is the ground where you can build communities and resources that people would fight a rabid wolverine to be part of.”

Give me some more examples!

“Okay… mothers?”


“Mother of children under 3?”

Still probably snore.

“Mother of children under 3, and raising them overseas?”

Hells yes I am!



“Are you growing your own vegetables?”

Oooh. I’m not sure, people I know who do that are pretty intense about it.

“Growing your own vegetables because it’s more sustainable?”

Hells yes I am!

“Growing your own vegetables so the kids can experience the magic?”

Hells yes I am!

“Growing your own vegetables because they taste better?”

Hells yes I am! Huh. So there’s lots of possible reasons, and the reasons matter. How do you choose which angle to take… do you even have to choose?

“Did I get an unequivocal “Hells yes I am” for just growing your own vegetables?”

No, but…

“… but if you were the vegie grower you’d REALLY like to have all three of those groups on board. You want to help them, you have lots of ways you could help them. But you still have to choose.”


The cold hard decision time

“Because their goals conflict, and you can’t deliver your most powerful work to all three at the same time. The sustainability crowd would be put off by the heavy-duty nitrogen fertiliser you’d recommend for better-tasting carrots. The family-gardeners would want ideas on how to get toddlers helping out in the garden that would leave the other two groups cold. It would be MUCH better to choose one and stick to it. Or, if you’re slightly insane, have three different websites, one for each audience. Then you can get three unequivocal “Hell yes I am!” answers.”

That’s a lot more work!

“It most certainly is. But it’s less work than creating a big huge business that no-one gives a shit about. Also, more profitable and joyous.”

That makes sense. It sucks, but it makes sense. Last question – can you go too deep with this?

“You know, I don’t think you really can. The only possible problem is scale – there are only so many Labrador-owning jogging freaks in Poughkeepsie. But if you could expand to Labrador-owning jogging freaks in the rest of the state, or the country, or the world, then you’re good again. All hail the internet!”

You say hooray and wave your balloon on a string.

The moral of the story

When you base a business around an identity that people are deeply connected to, that business will rock on fucking toast.

Try it out in the comments, if you like: who are your people? And what is your “HELLS YES I AM!” question?

Want some help identifying your HELLS YES I AM? Goddamn Radiant is all that and a banana sundae.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Looking Glass

75 thoughts on “The 100% effective guide to specifying your audience

  1. Crap. I sure hope we’re gonna talk more about this in our next call cause I sure don’t feel like I’m clear on the question to get the answer “Hells yes I am.” Thanks for the great examples. Hit me in a place I care deeply about. 🙂

      1. Hi Catherine or Cathy who just hit me with the inspiration Cane in a good way and no I’m not into s&m but needed a nudge.
        I have two niches which are probably a bit similar. However the first project is already in motion but I think I need to fine tune it a bit: brides who just got married to their love of their lives, unfortunately this dream man is oblivious to fashion and doesn’t share the same devotion to the wedding dress. The wedding party has moved on and the bride is sitting at home/work/volunteer work dreaming about the wedding day and how fabulous she looked but now it’s over. Here I come in to the story on my shiny white horse delivering an awesome rendering of the dress either on paper with watercolors or as an acrylic painting. The bride will go through some stages reliving her dream day in order for me to get the details right. End result an awesome illustration/painting of the dress and a memory that will always be visible and conjures up some great moments to relive when life gets to dull. What do you think? Specific enough? Or not just yet?The other project: 
        Succesful business women who have been sitting on the couch to long with their loved ones and are now suddenly invited to go to a concert with a younger friend/colleague…They have been out of the clubs so long that they wonder what they can wear. This is where I come in…I give them fashion advice with clothes from their own wardrobe, with some suggestions what to buy if necessary no color swatches stuff, that’s the usual stylist thing to do, just what fits them individually and what makes them pop and still feels comfortable with. Fashion illustration of this new outfit optional.
        What are your thoughts Catherine awesome gal?
        P.s: A little intro about me; my name is Georgianne and I’m a fashion designer. I moved from my native country to Spain to be with the love of my life. However Spain is in dire straits economically that’s why I teach English, TEFL. Unfortunately or fortunately I can’t keep my passion for fashion and drawing in it’s cage anymore. It needs to come out and I came up with this because it interests me as well.
        My apologies for the long story, thank you for making it to the end. I salute you!!

        1. Wowsers, lovely, that’s a whole big pile of exciting ideas for me to tease out.

          While we’d need a whole session to get deep into the ideas you’re sketching, I can say in this tiny box that it sounds like you are developing a VERY specific scenario more than you’re defining a specific kind of person. (Your “Hells yes!” person.)
          Try describing the sort of person who would hear about either of those services and say OMGYESYESYES. Who are they?

  2. Okay, that sounds fine, but I’m really answering those questions myself. If I don’t have an audience, a readership, then there is no one to ask and I have to answer the questions on my own. I may not answer correctly. I may answer in a way that I want them to answer if there was a them.

    Still holding the balloon.

    1. *brandishes a big silver needle*

      There will always be a big dose of guesswork when you’re starting out. But you already have people who resonate with your style – they follow you on Twitter, for example. 🙂

      Here’s the simplest way to go:

      1. Think about who you would most like to work with, spend time with, and create value for.
      2. hink of a way you could describe those people.
      3. Apply the “Hells yes I am” test.

      Does that help?

      1. Yep. So I just need to talk to me and I’m set! Well, sorta. Those folks who resonate with my style, both of them, are just demented wanna be bloggers. Oh yeah, that’s who I’m targeting!

  3. I’m in the baby stages of starting my biz, and I’m struggling mightily with a simple explanation of my right people.  Because what I’ll be doing is essentially life coaching, it’s hard to narrow down the field to that third level of detail. When what I’m going for is youngish women struggling with their selves, I’m not sure what the next drill-down questions are.

    1. Here’s a few possibilities:

      1. What are they struggling with? (Being assertive, finding a meaningful job, relationship troubles, defying parental expectations, etc etc)
      2. What else is true about them? (Footy players, chronic disease, singers, lawyers, goths, overeaters, etc etc)

      1. Thanks for the feedback!  I think my trouble is that I’m looking at helping with all of those struggles, if that’s what they need, and I don’t feel the need to narrow the clientele to such a small category like “goths”.  The idea is more of a psychology practice or life coaching, so it seems to be organically more open than that.  But, at the same time, I realize that targeting people who “just want to be happier” or “just want to communicate better” is probably too wide, hence my confusion.

        1. You’re going to have to narrow SOMEWHERE, either by what you do or who you do it for. Because otherwise you’re going to be like the 10,000 interchangeable life coaches around. And that is a hard place to be.

        2. Hi Ellie 🙂 I’ve been in a similar boat for quite a while myself, and sadly it really held me back from making ANY sort of forward movement 🙁 I felt like I HAD to figure out my ‘niche’ before I could do anything!

          Recently, I started taking on clients, just so that I could at least get some experience under my belt… and what I found was that, the more I worked with individual people, with individual issues, I was able to narrow down not just what I’m good at, or what I like doing, or what I want to help people with (which is pretty much everything) but that sweet spot where everything overlaps. And all of a sudden, it’s like bang! that’s what my ‘niche’ is supposed to be!

          Granted, it does mean there’s all these other people that I’m not reaching out to, which means I can’t help them (since they don’t even know I exist). And that makes a part of me cry… but I can’t help everyone anyway! At least this way, I know who I’m most likely to be the most help to… and I can speak to them in a way that makes them say “Hells yes!”

          If nothing else, the nice thing about narrowing down is that it gives you a place to start… and you can always expand later 😉

  4. One of the best posts I’ve read thus far. Your enthusiasm is contagious! I’ve been struggling for some time to find my niche, and, while I still have too many ideas and am trying to figure out which one’s the best, I’m even more excited to work harder and try to figure it all out. The real problem is, which interest do I pick, since I’ve narrowed it down to a handful about which I’m equally passionate. Thanks for yet another push to do more and be better!

  5. Love this!! Absolutely love it. This is actually the #1 thing I took from our chat a few months ago; I have basically forgotten demographics and aimed my business (more specifically, my monthly newsletter) at anyone who loves, loves, LOVES their dog! Because that’s a huge part of their identity and it’s how I connect emotionally with them. Now I just need to expand my reach to people beyond my mailing list… anyways, thank you for the refresher 🙂 

  6. You just managed to put into words what I’ve been trying to wrap my head around for YEARS!  Sure, I accidentally got it right with my doll page on FB, but now I understand why, and how to build that customer base.  Am I on the right track? Hells Yes I Am!!!  You rock, Catherine … on so many levels 😀

  7. Nice – great that SOMEONE at last has broken beyond the boring old “define your audience; then decide what to sell them” mantras of the dinosaur age.

    Yes – it’s important to put YOURSELF at the centre of questions like this; after all, you’re going to have to live with the choice you make.

    Thanks for putting together such an elegant process for getting there…

  8. CrowTarot Tours:
    Fen (self-defined or not) of such shows as Star Trek, Destination Truth, and Ghost Hunters, who have a positive outlook about the future and a curiosity about & a respect for all life, here & Elsewhere.

    TwOOwls Art:
    Oddly enough, this one’s harder. People who resonate with my style, obviously. In the past, at least, these have also tended to be people on the ‘fringes’: pagans, medieval faire folk, both Travellers & Participants, sci-fi people, those few in the psychic faire community willing to be independent enough to consider original art.

    Why haven’t I been hanging out with these people? Because, until folk like you, Jenny B. Bones, Peggy Arvidson and the rest of the latest class starting flying high & embracing their woo, I don’t think there WERE people teaching both business & woo in the same space, and we needed business teaching, so we hung out & fit in.

    I notice that Mike & I are making considerably more progress since I’ve discovered you all in your Best Work capacities.

    Bestest isn’t just for Peeps, it turns out – it’s for teachers, too. :>

    Thank you all for turning these things into language I can understand! :>

  9. This is a great article! I’m still struggling with how to reach my right people–art directors/art buyers. I keep thinking it’s just about my art, but I think that’s only part of it. It’s really difficult for me to figure out how to get them to hire me. Thanks for this insight into how to identify with the right people.

    1. Sure, but I think that would require a LOT of specificity, like “salmon fishers who love in Toronto and drive a Ford and have a wife called Sally” specificity. 🙂

  10. Hells yes! If I could reach through my computer and give you a hug I totally would!! Virtual high five instead? Now to find my hells yes question…with a little (or maybe a lot) of digging I know I can figure this out 🙂 

  11. Love this!  As always your writing makes me want to be your best friend.  I’m a bit far away though.  Remote best friends. 

    So here’s my question – how to apply this to jewelry?  I make personalized jewelry and earthy fashion jewelry.  Some of it features inspirational words and some people use it to feature their children’s names.  Usually a young family.  Perhaps I should narrow to one audience?  So…

    Are you a woman?
    Do you like hand crafted jewelry?
    Do you believe in the power of words to motivate? 

    Are you a mother?
    Do you like hand crafted jewelry?
    Do your tender children hold your heart in their chubby little hands? 
    (as a mom I get this)
    Have your tender children changed your perception of the entire world?

    Are you a woman?
    Are you interested in fashion?
    Do you like to be noticed for having unique taste?
    Do you like the sound of “You always have such interesting jewelry.”

    You’ve said, three separate websites for three separate markets.  Perhaps that’s what I’ll have to do.  Hmmmm. 

    Thoughts? Anyone? Better questions?


    1. Is there one Q that covers all?

      Children are, by definition, unique.

      Hand-crafts are, at the end of the day, unique, even when made from the same materials.

      Earthy, depending on exactly how you define it, can be very unique. Natural materials, and Nature itself, is full of the unique.

      Also – what’s your Grand Passion?

      This is not meant to steal thunder – I get a good deal of inspiration & information from Catherine, so definitely talk to her further. She has got Da Goods!!! :>

      If you’d like to talk jewelry or jewelry-ish thoughts with a jewelry person after that, feel free to contact me. :>

    2. Is there one Q that covers all?

      Children are, by definition, unique.

      Hand-crafts are, at the end of the day, unique, even when made from the same materials.

      Earthy, depending on exactly how you define it, can be very unique. Natural materials, and Nature itself, is full of the unique.

      Also – what’s your Grand Passion?

      This is not meant to steal thunder – I get a good deal of inspiration & information from Catherine, so definitely talk to her further. She has got Da Goods!!! :>

      If you’d like to talk jewelry or jewelry-ish thoughts with a jewelry person after that, feel free to contact me. :>

      1. Thanks for your response.  I see what you’re getting at.  What is the common denominator and work with that. 

        My current tag line is simple, classic, organic jewelry  – very broad.  To cut myself some slack things have evolved quite a bit since I chose it.  I’m currently redesigning my marketing material so it’s a good time to ask these questions. 

        I guess my concern would be losing the opportunity to speak to each audience in a way that’s really relevant to them.  Moms I can talk about sweet children things, tell stories, share articles, food ideas.  It’s its own world.  Which would turn off audience number 3 and potentially audience number 2 as well. 

        The world of words as inspiration/affirmation is a huge one that also brings to mind all kinds of content ideas – power of words science, anecdotes/customer stories etc.

        And finally the world of wanting to feel unique and caring deeply about your image really makes me think of the working world.  That’s the arena where that sort of thing mattered more to me and likely matters more to women over 30 and potentially over 40.  There’s power in having the resources to purchase handmade.  There’s power in being able to pull your look together in a unique way.  Again content ideas come flooding in – fashion ideas/info, book reviews, before/after photo shoots, image consultant partnering and on and on. 

        My point is that in appealing to these markets my brand might lose power if I don’t cater my content to their specific needs.

        Phew!  So what to do now?  Three different companies or a landing page with three directions to go in or ?  Does this make any sense?  It’s hard to see clearly when you’re so close to it. 

        What kind of jewelry do you do?  Would love to chat jewelry world with you.  🙂

        1. Yes, if that is appropriate to your goal and not one of those veg-scenarios like Catherine mentioned in her post.

          It’s a matter of asking the right Q, and going from there. IF that’s the Q you want to work with. There are, after all, a bajillion of them out there, and you are the only one to know which one(s) you want to work with.

          Also keep your own Passion firmly in mind, which if I’m following you correctly, is most centered around #3. (Which may well be why your market shone most clearly through there.)

          It’s up to you. Catherine is a wondrous example of focus. Mike & I are going the other way, sharing our underlying vision throughout the facets of the Avian Empire.

          Both ways can work wondrous well – which way do YOU want to play it? 🙂

          (Am also getting that you can always market three different lines if you so choose. Or even combine some of them – moms who hold careers as well as their children in their hearts. That sort of thing. Following Catherine’s advice to not be afraid to specialize.)

          Yes, it is hard to see when you are close to it, which is why I heartily recommend taking Catherine up on her offer – she is absolutely brilliant at bringing out the hidden stuff that was right there all along. :>

          I mainly work in wire, tho’ I’ve been experimenting with less common combinations, such as wrapping stones in fiber, that sort of thing.

 is our jewelry site, tho’ after this post and some other thinking I’ve been doing lately, it’s undergoing a bit of a revamp. (Read, oh my GOODNESS, I know who those people are now, pardon me while I rewrite everything! :-D)

          Which is again why I love Catherine & her wondrous wisdom. 🙂

    3. Remote besties!

      For me, the only one that sounded like it passed the test was the third one. The other two still feel a bit generic… ones I’d imagine being answered with, “Oh sure.” instead of “HELL YES”.

      Otherwise, it sounds like Birdy is your best resource here, unless you want to sign up for one of those free 30-minute Marketing Check-up sessions so we can talk it out!

  12. Another fantastic post Catherine. I love how it all seems so simple and clear when I’m finished reading. 🙂 Here’s mine… 
    Are you a work at home mom trying to juggle all your responsibilities without dropping the ball?

      1. hmm… I suppose you’re right, and when I think about all the different kinds of work at home moms I realize my work isn’t right for all of them. 
        I also imagine my stuff probably isn’t right for moms with older kids. 

        so maybe?

        are you a mom juggling young kids and building a blog based business?

        hmm I’m going to keep on thinking about this one. 

          1. oh great point… it’s interesting as I go to say the answer I can feel myself thinking “yeah, but… that’s gonna alienate all these other people” lol, which is the whole point of the process. 

            yeah, I definitely am looking for creative, smart, sassy moms who want to share their talents with the world, and do it from home so they can create their own schedules and raise their own children.

          2. So last night I read an ebook about “simple blogging”. I left feeling a bit guilty lol… as much as I feel I “should” be that mom, I’m not. So I have yet again refined my statement, and I think this one might be a real hells yeah. 

            Are you a workaholic mom blogger who has to drag herself away from the computer to make dinner and play Candyland with her kiddo?

  13. Ok, sticking my toe in the water. Do you like board games? Do you have a passion for smart, creative board games rich in story and strategy? Are you looking for an affordable, diverse collection of games, so you can share your love of awesome games with your kids, your mom, your friends, strangers you meet at parties, and all the people in your life – without completely emptying your bank account?  It gets a Hells, yeah from me, but does it need to be refined more? It seems, I dunno, cumbersome or wordy or something, and at the same time I feel like I’m leaving something out.

    1. Speaking as someone who knows quite  afew board game FIENDS, the last one certainly sounds HELLS YES to me. But you’re right, it is still pretty wordy.

      How about “Are you someone who loves to share amazing board games with every person you meet, but doesn’t want to go bankrupt doing it?”

  14. I’ve been struggling, straining, and fighting with myself to narrow down my passion, to choose what’s most important, to decide what it is I want to offer, what I want people to get out of me. Soooo, here goes.

    Do you write? (Or do you want to start?) Do you want to be better at it? Do you agree that you should never stop learning and it’s never too late to start? Are you looking for someone who won’t make you feel stupid but won’t dumb things down?

    This is still too much, but I feel like I’ve finally found my purpose. And that’s a start. Thanks, Catherine! You’re a genius.


  15. Wow. This is a great explanation. I’ve never heard it put quitelike that before. Thanks. I was sent from TMFproject

  16. OK..just came upon this article…made me think 🙂 I am massage therapist and want to offer digital course for massage professionals that would focus on hands free techniques and creative use of their body. Here I go:
    -Are you one of those therapists who struggle to keep up with their schedule due to body strain? Are you fearful of being in business that is not sustainable due to high risk of injury? Do you wish to feel inspired & grounded after your treatments vs. drained and tired? Are you interested in creative, strain free techniques that will deliver therapeutic results without braking your thumbs?

    Thank you for the support.

  17. You, my darling, are genius! 
    Ok, I’ll give it a (wordy) shot. How about: are you a pregnant woman interested in taking charge and figuring out how to give birth and become a new parent in a way that is healthiest for your baby, yourself and the environment, while enjoying the ride and not getting overwhelmed by all the new stuff, choices and uncertainty?

      1. Shockingly it seems not. Quite a few simply couldn’t give a shit, and want to get on with getting the pregnancy and birth bit out of the way as quickly and painlessly as possible so they can get on with getting back to doing whatever it is they would rather be doing!! Feel free to join me at! Lol. 🙂

        Adriana hunni, that was definitely a wordy offering (and I can sympathise, I have a tendency towards that too). I’d probably consider myself part of your target market from that info but honestly just leading with the birth part would be enough to hook me. You’d keep me then by having the rest of the parenting stuff on your site.

        How about passionate, proactive pregnant women who want a happy healthy and hassle free birth experience?

        1. Hey Adriana just been to check out your website and can’t wait to see more – took a bit of digging to find it in your info though. Love your logo too!! 🙂 x

          1. Lol Thanks Nora, always so much easier to do it for others/my clients. Hence I’m still a little unsure about my own:

            Are you a Passionate Creative Professional Women who’s stuck and struggling to decide if this Sh@t is worth it? You love what you do, can kick corporate ass but feel like there’s something more

            Want to finally ditch the career indecision, make the meaningful life decisions that really matter and move forward to living an awesome and authentic life you truly love with less stress, more success, more freedom, fun and fulfillment?

          2.  Hey lovely, there are two different conversations happening in here.

            The first part is about identity: Who these wonderful women are.

            The second part is about the What – the work you’re offering to these wonderful women once they know they’re in the right place.

            Try telling me just the Who – once they’ve given you the “Hell Yes” you can talk to them about their needs and how you’re the one to rock their world.

    1.  Hi Everyone,
      I so love the article.
      And I work in the exact same field as Adriana does and I am struggling with the same questions.
      So I was thrilled by this comment. And: For me its too wordy. And I know my own suggestions of it have been too wordy, too. Aaah and what I didnt like is the “interested in” for me its not strong enough.

      Okay, so my suggestion (for my version of the topic) is:
      Are you the pregnant woman who wants to cherish this pregnancy and have the most amazing empowering childbirth that is possible?
      Mmmh maybe still to wide open.
      Do you want to follow your heart for caring best for your baby and have for the most amazing, empowering childbirth.
      Are you a attachment parenting mother who wants to have great support for her most amazing empowering childbirth?

      Okay, now I have to find out which one is the best 🙂


  18. Hi Catherine,

    You rock hunni!! Love this way of looking at it and think its a really simple way to get to the point of having the clear concise and easily communicatable client niche.

    However, I’m still finding myself struggling!! Aaaargh!! In a similar way to how Heidi did I’ve found my ideal clients that are naturally attracted to working with me/who I’m able to serve best through actually working with clients and noticing the reoccurring patterns that they’re usually women in their mid 20-mid 30’s very passionate, very creative and great at what they do but are finding that they’re not happy with their job anymore. It’s not fulfilling, it’s not paying enough and they’re sick of the procedure for procedures sake, idiot bosses that make their life a misery and they really want to be doing something they find much more satisfying both financially and soulfully.

    They’re so used to living up to all the expectations we have as modern women that they’re feeling lost, disollusioned, frustrated, overwhelmed, undervalued and unseen and know that they are meant for something more. So I help them to discover their true passions and purpose in life. To truly know who they are and what they want so that they can finally put their own dreams, and needs as a priority first and be the best that they can be. To stop feeling like they’re stuck and struggling on their own where and what to do next, to make the decisions that make all the difference and finally move forward to living a life they truly love with less stress and more success, more freedom, fun and fulfillment.

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