Webinar: 27 Minutes to Seriously Better Domain Names

Baby Wearing Large Headphones Listening To Music
Why have I never done a webinar before? I was designed for webinars. Talking to lots of people at once? HELL YEAH.

So I’m joining the experiment a bit late, with a teeny bang.

27 Minutes to Seriously Better Domain Names.

I spent a half hour – minus a couple of minutes for saying howdy and arguing with buttons – unloading as much of the wisdom as I could fit in about how to choose an awesometacular domain name for your website.

The Kickass Naming Service has been one of my mainstays for two years, and in that time I have refined the hell out of my guidelines on what constitutes a great domain name and how you can create one for yourself.

Here’s the recording! I’m a wee bit nervous (you can’t tell, apparently), but I still squeezle in lots and lots of info about what’s important in choosing a domain name.

Audio MP3

Or download it here.

Any questions that remain?


Creative Commons License photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography