Radiant Work, episode 5

Here we are at the end!

Or as I prefer, the new beginning.

First things firstily, here’s the final worksheet, where you’ll look at your answers and figure out what they actually mean.

And then…

You have a choice to make.

If you want to keep learning more about your Radiant Work (because you’re not doing it yet), then you don’t have to do a thing – you’ll get some more fantastic resources about that, soon.

If you already know what your Radiant Work is and you’d like some enlightenment about how to do it better?

Then you get to skip ahead, yeah baby.


Joining the Consistent Magnificence list will remove you from the Radiant Work list. ‘Cos you can’t be at both places on the spiral at once! So choose the option that suits where you’re at and act accordingly.

If you want to keep talking about Radiant Work, do nothing.
If you want to talk about what to DO with your Radiant Work, sign up below!


And lastly, well done for diving into these resources, darlingheart. You’re doing brave and bold work, and I salute you for it.

Rock on,