Radiant Work, episode 4

Here’s where sit gets real, wonderfabulous.

Let’s talk about money. I mean, REALLY talk about it.

Specifically how much you’re making from each sale – including per-unit costs, hidden fees, taxes…

Specifically how much an hour you’re making from your work.

Specifically how many hours you have to do the work in.

And much, much more.

There are three parts to this episode.

Firstly, the worksheet to explain what’s going on.

And then… two spreadsheets.

One, humbly named The Best Spreadsheet in The World, contains all the formulae to do the heavy math lifting around your profitability, leaving you free to play and probably be a bit shocked. ($17 an hour?!?)

There’s also the Extrariffic spreadsheet, with a few extra tools, like how to calculate the per-item cost when you buy materials in bulk.

Both of these spreadsheets SHOULD work whatever spreadsheet program you have. (If you don’t have one, then OpenOffice is free, as well as Google Spreadsheets. Go go go!)

If they don’t work, or don’t quite cover your situation, let me know.

Get real, and rock it out.