Review: eBook Evolution


The short review

If you’ve been thinking about creating an eBook and you’re clueless about one of more of the steps, like:

  • writing the suckers
  • making them look awesome
  • launching them
  • converting them to Kindle-friendly format

then you should just go ahead and buy eBook Evolution.


(Also, use the code RELAUNCH before the 15th to get 15% off.)

The longer review

Look, go read the sales page for what’s included in detail, it covers things well. I’m just going to add my perspective.

1. The information covered is basic, in the sense that the authors (Kelly, Pamela and Susan) have done their uttermost to articulate the most important information, without covering every single possible option. (It’s like they trust you to be able to adapt the details to your own circumstances or something!)

2. My absolute favouritest part is the templates. I have two damn eBooks I’ve been wanting to get out into the world, and I haven’t been able to ‘cos they’re ugly Word docs and I have Standards. I’ve been talking with my lovely designer Ashley about hiring her to create custom templates for me, but I haven’t succeeded yet because a) she rightly charges a lot of money for things like this, and possibly more vitally b) I’d have to learn how to use InDesign, and it hurts my brain.

But these templates run on OpenOffice! Which is free, and not at all painful, and would in future allow me to write directly into the template and cackle madly! Which is goddamn brilliant, I tell you.

Not only are the existing templates pretty darn good, there’s details on how to create your own. I am full of Plans.

3. And that’s maybe the nicest thing of all. They’ve done a good job of creating a resource that gets you fired up and ready to start. And isn’t that the point?

So again, you should go and buy eBook Evolution.

Use the code RELAUNCH before the 15th to get 15% off.

And then show me the fabulous eBooks you make as a result.

(Why yes, I do make a few dollars if you buy through my link. What I will likely do with those dollars is buy a non-review copy of this resource, because I plan to use the HELL out of these templates.)