Changing the rules

I am about a week shy of completing the Tiny Insignificant Blogging Challenge – to whit, publish an article every day but Sunday.

I know that I can keep it up and deliver exactly as promised.

But it would be kinda stupid to do so.

I have discovered that I can indeed write an article every day before my client calls. But I am struggling with writing an article, doing client calls, and THEN writing something else. You know, like the weekly newsletter. Or the latest Provocateurs challenge. Or the sales page re-write I’ve been planning for a month.

While your writing muscles do improve with exercise, for now it appears that a thousand or so words is pretty much the maximum I can write every day without Problems. I’m out of shape, easing my way back into the word gym. And I’m experienced enough not to do the extra hundred push-ups, ’cos I know how it’ll make me feel the next day.

So for the remainder of the challenge, I am changing the rules.

I will still write every day, but like this:

Monday: sales page
Tuesday: article
Wednesday: newsletter
Thursday: Provocateurs
Friday: article
Saturday: catch up on anything incomplete, or start on the project list
Sunday: REST

If you’re a Provocateur (which you should be) and signed up for the newsletter (which you must be, surely. It is awesome.) you’ll get all of the benefits.

I will still publish every day. And I will keep my sanity.

I will also fail the challenge.

I’m fine with this. This was a self-imposed challenge, designed to do two things:

  1. Get writing regularly again.
  2. Explore, with awareness, my writing process.

I’ve accomplished both of those things. To complete the challenge as originally designed Just Because would be kinda stupid. To do so would mean that I’d fail at other things, like delivering the newsletter on time.

If there was the tiniest hint of “You’re just changing the rules ’cos you couldn’t do it, loser lady.” then I’d probably finish the challenge unchanged. But there isn’t. I know I could do this, I just think it would be smarter to do it differently.

So I will.

Have you ever changed the rules mid-way through and felt 100% good about it? Tell us in the comments!