No-one buys quality. No-one buys clarity.

No More Sake
I don’t give a tin shit about quality.

I care about it lasting long enough to become an heirloom.

I care about not having to buy a new pair in three months.

I care about looking good in front of the other baby shower attendees.

I care about saving money.

I care about not looking shabby.

I care about how it feels on my bare skin.

I care about avoiding my sister’s disapproval.

I care about what people like me would buy.

I care about it not breaking down at the worst moment.

I care about the impression I make.

I care about feeling like I make good buying decisions.

I care about how it smells.

I care about standing out.

I care about NOT standing out.

I care about it matching my other pieces.

I care about how it looks in direct sunlight.

I don’t give a flying fuck about clarity, either.

I care about the time I’m wasting.

I care about looking like a doofus.

I care about how my sleep is getting destroyed.

I care about not dicking around on Facebook for three hours.

I care about missed opportunities.

I care about playing a much bigger game.

I care about breaking old patterns.

I care about impressing my friends.

I care about pushing that frakking envelope.

I care about doing great work.

I care about being proud of myself.

I care about feeling confident.

I care about building momentum.

I care about dumping the motherfucker, already.

I care about being frustrated with myself.

I care about being frustrated with others, and not knowing why.

I care about snapping at my friend.

I care about breaking the logjam in my head.

I care about looking impressive.

Stop selling me on quality and clarity.

Or hand-made, limited-edition, professional, ground-breaking or unique. (Or ten thousand other shorthand terms.)

Tell me why those things matter. To me. Right now.

Don’t say, “It’s a high-quality print.” Tell me, “This will look as good at your newborn’s 21st birthday as it does now. And his retirement party.”

Don’t say, “Together we’ll uncover clarity about your relationship.” Tell me, “Stop teetering on the edge of getting fired because you’re so distracted by your boyfriend’s cheating.”

Of course, that’s what you’re trying to say. You’re the expert, to you it’s obvious why quality is better, what clarity can enable, or why the professional version is superior.

But to me, they aren’t the value. They’re the tool to get the thing I really want.

Respect that, and my wallet is yours.

If you need help uncovering the value of your amazing thing that you can’t explain better than “… it’s quality!”, then Goddamn Radiant and I are here to help.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Furryscaly