The Valentine’s Day problem in your biz, and a gift for you.

This guy has a lot to answer for.

It’s Valentine’s Day soon.

The Dude and I will be following our annual ritual: ignoring it completely.

Because both of us believe that too many people use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to take their partner for granted every other day of the year, and then “make it all better, for realsies” with a big armful of foliage.

It’s the Big Dramatic Gestures school of thinking. (With a side of the Fix It With Spending philosophy.) Hollywood and Hallmark are both prime collaborators in popularising the Big Dramatic Gesture: they’re attractive, remarkable, a good narrative device. But I don’t think that in the real world they’re very effective.

The Dude and I prefer the Small Consistent Gestures approach. We have more small rituals than I could list, from the good-morning kiss to the bedtime routine. And we add a bajillion small favours, like a back rub or getting him a drink when I go to the kitchen.

We’ve been together thirteen years, and our relationship gets stronger every year. So we think our approach is working.

Of course this brings me to business – doesn’t everything?

Because I think the Big Dramatic Gesture thinking is equally prevalent when people think about their business. And I think it’s equally daft in that arena, too.

It can happen in all sorts of areas: from ignoring your cashflow for weeks and then having the Oh Shit I Am Now Desperate Sale, or skipping your marketing for months and then drowning everyone in a firehose explosion of Let Me Tell You About All The Things, or of course running yourself into the ground and then disappearing for a fortnight while you try and catch up on six months of self care.

It’s bonkers.

So for this Valentine’s Day, I’m going to give you a present.

You and me, spending half an hour talking about how to bring more consistent attention and affection into your business. How you can make changes, right freaking now, to make your biz feel more loved and more nourished every single day.

For free.

I’ve opened my calendar wide and I’ll help anyone who signs up in the next week. Even if there’s two hundred of you, I will deliver to anyone who shows up.

Yes, that includes people who have never heard of me before today.

Yes, that includes people who have been reading me for years.

Yes, that includes you.

All you need is something resembling a business, and one area where you’d really like to quit the Big Dramatic Gestures approach and work on bringing the love every day.

[Edit: this is now over, my lovely! Thank you to the dozens of wonderful peeps who signed up.]

6 thoughts on “The Valentine’s Day problem in your biz, and a gift for you.

  1. I love your take on Valentine’s Day. My husband and I don’t celebrate it because I’m not attached to it and he is rather vehemently opposed to the commercialism that surrounds it. But maybe I’ll adopt your reason.

    And HOLY COW BEST OFFER EVER. Now to decide which area MOST needs more consistent attention…

  2. Tammy and I are with you and Erin. Yes, the perfect excuse to be a total prick the other 364 days of the year. Tammy and I have the biz meeting each morning on a nice long walk. Love your writing and hope people take advantage of a heck of an offer!

  3. Enjoyed your Valentine’s Day post so much must share it with My Dude. It fits him perfectly because he’s awesome all year round. OK now, I signed up for 30 minutes with you. So funny because I sent you a private message yesterday but just discovered your offer today in my email. The stars are lining up.

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