If you’re sick of marketing…


Parveen decided to create a one-woman show.

On Parveen’s first day, she blurted her lines like a nervous eight-year-old in the school play.

On Parveen’s fifth day, she was more practiced and the words started to flow.

On Parveen’s eleventh day, she realised that she should be wearing an outfit that matched the theme.

On Parveen’s fourteenth day, she started adding gestures to her words.

On Parveen’s twentieth day, she added some lights so people could see her.

On Parveen’s twenty-fifth day, she assembled some chairs so people would stay in comfort.

On Parveen’s thirty-first day, she put out a sign in the street.

On Parveen’s thirty-ninth day, she brought in a couple of props.

On Parveen’s fortieth day, she revised her lines.

On Parveen’s forty-first day, she called a local newspaper about her show.

On Parveen’s forty-third day, she added a sign to the jar that said “Support Local Art”.

On Parveen’s forty-eighth day…

All of these tasks are marketing.

Marketing is communication, and communication is largely non-verbal.

Your colour scheme is a marketing decision.

So is how you package your services.

And how you deliver your work.

The tone of your emails.

What you decide to sell (and not to sell) is marketing.

So if you’re sick of marketing, of talking about what you do…

Stop talking and start doing.

Let the work speak for itself.

This does mean you’ll have to produce something worth talking about

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Creative Commons License photo credit: M Glasgow

14 thoughts on “If you’re sick of marketing…

  1. Ohhhhhh…. I love this…. Reminds me of some things I’ve been putting off because they don’t seem like “marketing” and “marketing” should be my priority… ๐Ÿ˜‰ This puts it all in perspective.

  2. You’re so right but I never would’ve thought of several of those things as being marketing.

    What also stands out to me is how Parveen’s marketing is staggered over time – she doesn’t have the skill or knowledge (or time) to do all those things on the first day. She just gets out there and does it and as she gains confidence and greater knowledge about what she’s doing, she adds more to her marketing. Important to remember when you’re just starting out and it feels like you have to get it perfect right from the start.

  3. Thank you for this! I am big on the “do more, talk less” approach to life/business/marketing too — most are not. They talk lots, do way less. I often wonder “what exactly does this person do?” and no one seems to know the answer.

    Brilliant: “Stop talking and start doing. Let the work speak for itself.
    This does mean youโ€™ll have to produce something worth talking aboutโ€ฆ”


    1. Hello there Allison!

      I think this is the disconnect point for a lot of people. They’re creating marvellous work, but they think they have to market it with the same techniques used by people selling mediocre crap, i.e., shouting and waving very loudly to dazzle and grab attention.

      If you’re producing fantastic work, then you can get out of the way and let it shine. Which is fan-freaking-tastic.

  4. I think people have two minds about marketing. Some see marketing as an event. Others see it as a way of life.

    Historically, people tried to pretend that marketing was an event. Heck, in cubicle nation, there are even marketing departments. Eeek!

    Meanwhile, here in the real world, almost everything is marketing. But you already said that so I’ll stop talking and start doing ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. OH MAN, reading this takes me back!

    But yeah, everything you do, no matter how minute has to be a conscious choice on how it affects the show, and how other people see it on stage. One small line change, or blocking can totally change the context of the show to the audience.

    And in your case, your marketing message. I liked this post.

  6. i love the way you frame your message in real, tangible examples – these examples stick in my mind so clearly and pop up repeatedly as i work on my biz or chat with other mums about their biz. thank you for this work you are doing here, it really rocks!

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