Micro-publishing, passion and strategy: a chat with Sean Platt

I’d like to introduce someone to you.

This is Sean. He's verbose.

This is Sean Platt. I spent a MIND-BLOWING hour with him talking about micro-publishing (you know, selling 99c books on Kindle), how to get started and rock it out, some of his most epic fails, and his hard-earned lessons. And lots of other topics. We’re both talkers.

If you are interested in publishing anything ever, you should listen to this interview. It is seriously that good.

Audio MP3

If the note-takers among you want to share your notes for the benefit of those who aren’t audio-friendly, that would be awesome. Tell us in the comments or send me an email.

Sean is a better writer than I am, so I let him write his own bio. Except I said I’d also call him “nifty”, because that is how I roll.

Want to know more about Nifty Sean?

Sean Platt is a content marketing specialist, publisher and awesome dad. You’d be really silly not to follow him on Twitter.

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Thanks Sean, for sharing so much smartness on how to rock it out to piles of cash AND joy.

If you have any follow-up questions, please pop them in the comments. And if you too would like to hear Sean and I talk about balancing strategy and white-hot passion, then let us know!