The Quick Unstick

Stuck sucks.

Your stuck is a shapeshifter. It might take the form of the Restless Twitchy Jitters.

He’s already deleted six things he’ll really need later.

Your stuck may come in the guise of Leaden Doom.

Why bother man like really
why bother man like really

You might have the Dreaded Blue-balls, where you want so damn badly to make something work and you can neither get satisfaction, nor think about anything else.


Or you might be afflicted by The Silence, a complete and debilitating incapacity to articulate anything about what you’re working on. It feels less like your tongue is tied in knots, and much more like your brain is.


Your stuck may take a different form that can’t be neatly summarised by an amusing GIF. But all forms of stuck are defined by two things:

1) a paralysing incapacity to make progress on your work (whether it’s writing or uploading a podcast or creating the next product line or reviewing your marketing plan or whatever it is your biz needs right now).

2) a complete inability to define what the issue is. You know something isn’t working, but you don’t know what. And since you don’t know what isn’t working, you don’t know how to begin to fix it.

The two elements come together to create a wordless frustration, zero productivity, and a terrible awareness that you’re wasting time.

As I said, stuck sucks.

Here comes the Quick Unstick to save the day!

Together, you and I are going meet up to create a spot of alchemy:

We’re going to convert your stuck into a problem.

Problems are infinitely better than stuck. ’Cos problems are solveable.

Being the intensely smart creature you are, you can probably come up with twenty good (and three brilliant) solutions/workarounds/philosophical acceptances of any problem your Pursuit faces.

But you don’t have a problem yet.

You have a stuck.

It’s rather like having a giant ball of yarn to untangle – once you find the end of the string it’s a problem, but when you don’t have the end of the string it’s… impossible.

I’m gonna help you find the end of the string.

How the Quick Unstick works

You and I will meet up over Skype (or via your phone, if Skype isn’t possible for you).

You’ll tell me, in confused rambling discursives, about your stuck. What is your end goal? Where are you in your progress?

Then I’ll ask questions, both very literal (“When you say you don’t know if you’ll sell enough copies, how many copies do you want to sell?”) and very lateral (“What would you do if the whole piece burnt down in the night and you had to rebuild it?”).

As we dig, things will feel much more confused and broken than they did before but then – SHAZAM! – we identify the actual problem, the root cause of your stuck.

And suddenly it all makes so much sense. You’ll say, “Ohhhhh, I don’t have to do that task on Mondays!” or “Wait. If I hire someone else to do the coding, I can focus on the launch.” or “Screw the industry standard, I want to do it one-to-one instead of broadcast.”

Your shoulders will descend five inches – you mean they’re not supposed to be up near my ears? – and immediately you begin making plans: first I should get this done, and then I can knock that over, I’ll need to redesign this part but that’s fine, oh and I can bring in this idea I’ve been thinking over, sweet!

You know what needs to happen next.
You know that you can make it happen.
You’re excited to get started, right now!

Your stuck is gone. Hallelujah.

Dance party!
Dance party!

Did I mention that this whole process only takes a half hour?

Ridiculous but true!

Because I’m not in your stuck, lovely. I’m flying high above it, like a glittery eagle; I can see the manifold options that your stuck has covered. We’ve all had the experience of effortlessly solving our friend’s dilemmas while struggling with our own. (I too have my own de-stuck-ifying resources. No-one can read the label from inside the jar.)

So this process is optimised to be fast, and brilliantly efficacious. We’re not going to dig into why this problem happened or what it all means, we’re just going to find it and figure out what you need to do to solve that bastard.

In fact, if at the end of a half hour you aren’t clear, capable and ready to go forth and rock it out, I’ll refund your money.

I don’t want to waste your time any further than the stuck already has. Let’s get this shit solved.

So, how much is The Quick Unstick?

It’s $US100 for a half hour demolition of your blocks.

That $100 is both big money and teensy money. It’s a meaningful amount of money because, duh, you could buy lots of things with it. But it’s also a teensy amount because it will save you from wasting the next hour/day/week/month gritting your teeth and wondering why you aren’t getting anything done.

How much is that saved time and regained productivity and lack of wanting-to-punch-everything worth to you? How much are you happy to pay to get back on track now, instead of later?

If $100 sounds like a goddamn wonderful exchange, then click that button and let’s get it on. We’ll almost always be able to get working on this within 24 hours.

Are you ready to get unstuck and back to building your biz?

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If you’re not sure, my lovely, whether your stuck is the kind I can help with – I never met one I couldn’t unstick, but I guess it’s possible – then feel free to contact me.

If you’re thinking, “I want this ALL THE TIME PLEASE” then you might find The Sidekick Service is more your cup of tea.

If you’re ready to fix this damn thing, then click the button and let’s go already!

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