How to promote a Big Launch (without becoming That Guy)


Right now, I’m seeing the repeat of a Big Industry Launch, and the backlash from people who are tired of being deluged by a flood of “Hey, You Should Totes Buy That Big Course Through My Affiliate Link” messages.

Nothing new there.

But Naomi Niles said this on FB: I’m sad about the noise. But, I’m sadder that some people are afraid of sharing their things because of it.

And that is something worth talking about.

There are two broad categories of affiliate promoters.

The Cha-Ching! crowd are there entirely to make money by selling something, and will use whatever techniques are effective in achieving that goal; including pressure tactics, artificial scarcity, emotional manipulation, and carpet-bomb communications.

The Believers are promoting an offering for reasons which are more important than the cash; because this offering changed their life, or because it addresses a problem they want to eliminate, or because they want to encourage the person behind it.

And only one of these two groups will actually listen to the backlash, and maybe decide not to promote. I bet you can guess which one this is.

Darlingheart, if you believe in something, for realsies, then you should fucking promote it.

Trust me, the people who are saying “ugh” about the deluge of buy-nows aren’t responding to you, or to people like you. They’re pissed about the screaming highlighter exclamation mark stalkerface soulless shove-y promotions.

They wouldn’t mind in the slightest hearing you talk about how you changed your life with this course. Or why you believe that courses like this are the future of X.

You have a secret weapon that the Cha-Ching! crowd can’t access. You’re sincere. As long as you stick with that, as long as you keep your non-monetary motivation clearly in mind and write it from the gut, you’ll do just fine.

In short: we hate reading ads, but we adore reading love letters.

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