Competition: enter to win sanity

I get mulish when told what to do.

Even when the person telling me what to do… is me.

I jokingly call it, “I don’t want to and I can’t make me.” But it’s not really funny.

I’ve resisted good things because they felt like orders: things like exercise, financial discipline, and business planning. And of course I’ve suffered the consequences of that refusal: I’m unfit, my finances are wobbly, and my business is always tap-dancing, never sure what’s coming next.

I don’t wanna play this game any more.

I want to be healthy in my bod and bank account and biz. I’m ready to do things differently.

So when I was given a resource that proposed to get me trying long-term business planning without making me mutinous, I was skeptical but intrigued.

I tried it.

And you know what? I’m actually making long-term business plans for the first time in my life. I’m still finding massive pockets of resistance and stiffness about it, but I’m making for-realsies progress.

(This announcement ought to be accompanied by trumpets and angelic choirs, plus two thumbs up from The Fonz.)

I have plans for where the biz is going! And I like the plans! It’s like I’m all mature and shit!

So what, you ask, is this magical improvinator?


It’s called Your Next Six Months Forever. It was created by Shanna Mann, who regular readers will likely know. (Among other things, she did the Goddamn Radiant session you can listen to.) Shanna is good people, and she is amazing at creating structure without strictures.

(I just made that up. She’s free to steal it as a new tagline.)

And Shanna has offered to give away two free copies of Your Next Six Months Forever to you! Hooray!

How to win a free copy of a resource that could totes change the course of your business.

Leave a comment telling us: What’s YOUR biggest downfall when it comes to making longterm plans?

Shanna and I will each pick our favourite answer, and that person will win a free copy of Your Next Six Months Forever.

You have until the end of Wednesday to enter and win!

Of course, you can just go buy a copy of the resource. It’s most definitely worth it. And if, like me, you’re finally ready to get good with structure? Then you should ABSO-DAMN-LUTELY sign up for Shanna’s newsletter and its free resource on structure called Be The Boss.

What are you waiting for? Get on that!

[The competition is now closed! Congratulations to Fiona and Elinor, who will have a deeelightful electronic copy of Your Next Six Months Forever winging its way to them soon. And thank you for the bravery and honesty of everyone who entered. MWAH.]

photo by: catlovers