Cirque du Soleil don’t ALWAYS innovate.

Cirque du Soleil broke the rules of circus.

Their choreography, their costumes, their lighting, music, themes, action, experience… all new. All innovative. Different.

But when it comes to marketing… they buy ads. They promote corporate tickets. They put up posters.

Their marketing is just like everyone else’s.

If your marketing plan suits you and works, it doesn’t matter a tin fart whether it’s a plain plan. A prosaic plan. Even a boring plan.

Cirque du Soleil reinvented the circus. They didn’t need to reinvent ways to tell people about it.

And neither do you.

Have you felt the pressure to create and Interesting Marketing Plan? Tell us in the comments!

photo by: Focka

2 thoughts on “Cirque du Soleil don’t ALWAYS innovate.

  1. Only in the sense that it has to be interesting enough to me that I’ll actuALLY do it. 😀 :> (weird capitalization thoughtfully provided by my cat Mage, who is angling for something more tasty in his food bowl. Or to have his furr petted off. Whatever. :>o<:)

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