Changes at Cash and Joy (and why you need to know!)

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Hello there, wonderfabulous.

Like the new design? It’s by my Canadian soul-twin, the ridiculously amazing Amanda of Violetminded Design. I loved the old design (by the also fantabulous Rhiannon of Brand Harmony Studio) but so much has changed in the year since it went live that I felt the need for a new look to reflect the new awesomeness.

But that’s not all that’s changing over here, nosiree Bob.

I’ve put a buttload of thought into how I can serve you more effectively, wonderfabulous. And I’ve made squoodles of changes in line with my conclusions.

Let me give you the guided tour!

The Radiant Resources Guide

One of the realisations I’ve been wrasslin’ with for the last while is that I have historically offered resources that really only work for one very specific phase of your business: the building/rebuilding phase. And while I DO have clients who have already gone through that stage and are getting my help with maintaining their consistent magnificence, we’ve had to make up our own custom packages.

That’s gonna change.

There’s a brand-spanking-new Radiant Resources page. I figured out what the stages are (well, what I think they are) in the spiral of business evolution, described each stage and its challenges and opportunities, and gathered resources that are designed to help you through each stage.

Some of them are mine (duh), but the list will also feature personally-road-tested-made-of-liquid-awesome offerings from other (amazing) businesses.

There are two new offerings! *confetti*

There’s The Business Joyfinder, for people who have lost the mojo from their business and would like it back right damn now, please.

And… *excited drum roll* I’m opening enrollments early for my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITEST AND BESTESTEST work – The Pilot Light. There’s only 12 seats available, and I’m hoping to have bums on all of them before the end of the year.

… and there will be SO MANY MORE offerings on the way.

I am partnering with the ludicrously talented designer Ashley Inzer (Any image you like on this website? Probably hers.) Together, we fight crime will be helping you develop the practices of consistent business magnificence, with lots of specific, no-bullshit resources.

It’s going to be MEGA, people. MEGA.

Also upgrading: the newsletter.

The old newsletter was fun, and a lot of people liked it. (Thank you!) But I really think I can do better than entertaining.

How about mind-blowing?

How about revolutionary?

How about incandescent?

Girl’s gotta dream, yo.

And my dream is that I can create resources that will rock the everliving fuck out of your business while I’m sleeping or working with clients or writing the next resource or playing World of Warcraft or eating a burrito.

So I’ve created a new list, Rise and Shine. When you join it, you’ll get access to zero-puff, electrifying, revolutionising resources (again, with awesome designinating by the lovely Ashley). These aren’t the kind of resources that make you say, “Hah. Good point. Yeah.” Nope, these are Wil. E. Coyote ACME-brand rocket-skates, except without the tendency to crash into mountains.

And wonderful newsletter subscribers, YES. You will have to sign up for the new list – it’s on my new and spiffy email system.

Also-ly (is TOO a word)…

Starting now, I’ll be giving away one free hour-long session each week to people who need some de-stuckification but don’t have the cashola. I called this scheme The Numinous Fund. Go check it out if you’re in need, wonderfabulous.

And lastly…

Thank you to everyone who has helped me do this long enough to need a website redesign!

You rock on toast. J’adore to the max.

P.S. Noticed something that ain’t quite right? Let me know so’s we can fix it!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Grégoire Lannoy

12 thoughts on “Changes at Cash and Joy (and why you need to know!)

  1. Aaaah!  I love it!  So!  Much!  One day, I’mma have enough dosh to hire me a super-pro like Rhiannon or Amanda.  *dreams*  Off to investigate the other bits!  Exclamation points!

  2. Do you know, I’ve been wanting to hire Amanda/Violet Zombie for a while now to design something FABULOUS for me and this new re-design has made me go ‘Wow, yes, think I need to talk to this lady!!!’ Loving it, loving your work and new direction Catherine, as always dollface, ACE OF SPADES *does little dance for you*

  3. I’ve been quietly stalking you for a while now and finally have to come out of the shadows.  You are a burst of rampant, tail-kicking inspiration, and my new hero.  Can I be you one day when I grow up?

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