Side hustles are the BOMB DIGGIDY.

Hello, wonderfabulous!

It’s been less than a week, and I’m already SO VERY GLAD I started Mediocre Be Damned. It’s been worth the investment of time and hair-pulling and lost revenue for one reason alone:

I got to build from a clean slate. I threw out almost all of my assumptions and denied my historical choices thrice and built something from the choices that seemed best to me at the time. And oh lordy, the ways in which that differed from how I’ve been doing things at Cash and Joy was goddamn frickin’ instructive.

So plenty of the changes have mated and wandered over to Cash and Joy. I’ll be cluing you in on all the changes over time, but I wanna use one example right now.

Adieu, Delogjamification. Hello, Quick Unstick!

One of the things that made the new website take so long (but also one of the things that made it so instructive to me) was this: I brought over some of the Cash and Joy services to the slightly different approach and audience. But I wrote the sales pages from scratch.

And the sales pages I wrote were way better than the previous ones. This is fuck-all surprise to me, ‘cos the services I wrote new sales pages for were:

  • a service I’ve been doing for three years, without revising the sales page
  • a service I threw out there one day just to see if it stuck, with a minimal sales page
  • ooh, actually two of those

Delogjamification was one of those hey-let’s-see-if-this-works offerings I created in a morning. I tried it, it rocked, so I kept it around. But I didn’t go back and write a better sales page for it, so thusly I didn’t really promote it (‘cos the sales page wasn’t very good), so it became a quiet success, instead of the giant firework of awesomeness it could be.

(Also, no-one could pronounce the name. Because it was a joke name I came up with and went, “Hell, why not?”)

So here I was, with a bleh sales page for Delogjamification, and a gorram delightful one (with GIFs!) for the Quick Unstick.

Copy/paste/make a few tweaks…

Tah-dah! The Quick Unstick (get unstuck in 30 minutes, or your money back) is live on Cash and Joy. And it is sooooo much better than I could have created if I’d stayed in my little Cash And Joy box.


In related news…

I went to bed last night super sad because I had just found out that Tim Minchin (!!!) was playing Herod (!!!!!) in my favourite musical, Jesus Christ Superstar (!!!!!!!) and tickets were still on sale for the Brisbane show (!!!!!!!!!) but I don’t have enough pocket money to afford them before they likely get sold out. (*mega pout goes here*)

But then I woke up and thought, “Wait. I have my own business. If I don’t have enough money then I can just MAKE SOME MORE MONEY.”

*choir of angels*
*who are singing Damned For All Time*
*I know that’s ironic, but the song is stuck in my head*
*the angels are now wailing on guitars*
*and wailing, “Tim Minchiiiiiiiiiin…”*

So how about this, my darling dear? If you buy anything in the next 24 hours, I’ll add a free Quick Unstick to your order. (Let’s say if you buy before the end of the 5th of June, whenever that happens to be for you.)

Keep it up your sleeve for a rainy day!
Use it to get your best friend unstuck so she can shut up, already!
Gloat over it! Gloat!

That could mean two Quick Unsticks for the price of one, of course, oh vey such a deal – no really, that’s ridiculously good. Or the Kickass Naming you’ve been meaning to get for ages, but with an extra bonus!

And of course, it could also mean that I GET TO SEE TIM MINCHIN AS HEROD. Yesssssssss.

Rock it out with your fine self, duckling. You can get whatever you need to untwisted.

Love and frankfurts,

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The fear of beginning.

Hello, wonderfabulous!

My leg keeps jiggling.

My hands are doing that self-comforting thing where my thumb touches each finger segment in order.

My heart is running wind sprints.

My new website is ready, and I’m afraid to tell you about it.

I create a lot of work, and I generally do so by architecting it so the stakes are extremely low. It’s always an experiment or something I just threw together, no worries, or I’ve controlled the variables so there’s no real way I can fail.

This is both a very smart move and a short-changing of my self. It gets things done, but I rarely have to commit to them until they work.

I didn’t really do that with this website. This is something I believe in, that I put a lot of work into, and dear god what if no-one likes it? What if it’s terrible and worse, boring, what if all that time and thought and love made something that sucks hardcore?

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. I was too afraid that today would pounce on me and leave bruises all over.

But, considering the topic of this new website, all this sturm und drang is very appropriate.

The new website is called Mediocre Be Damned, and it’s about all the challenges and rewards of creating things that matter. It’s for business owners, and non-profits, and vloggers, and artists, and hobbyists, and crafters, and anyone else who is making something and wants it to be as truthful and powerful as it can possibly be.

Please go have a look, leave a comment, join the newsletter, tell your friends to check it out. But only if it rocks as much as I hope it can.

Until then, I’ll be over here. Jiggling and finger-touching and trying to get work done.


Love and tremulation,

Review: eBook Evolution


The short review

If you’ve been thinking about creating an eBook and you’re clueless about one of more of the steps, like:

  • writing the suckers
  • making them look awesome
  • launching them
  • converting them to Kindle-friendly format

then you should just go ahead and buy eBook Evolution.


(Also, use the code RELAUNCH before the 15th to get 15% off.)

The longer review

Look, go read the sales page for what’s included in detail, it covers things well. I’m just going to add my perspective.

1. The information covered is basic, in the sense that the authors (Kelly, Pamela and Susan) have done their uttermost to articulate the most important information, without covering every single possible option. (It’s like they trust you to be able to adapt the details to your own circumstances or something!)

2. My absolute favouritest part is the templates. I have two damn eBooks I’ve been wanting to get out into the world, and I haven’t been able to ‘cos they’re ugly Word docs and I have Standards. I’ve been talking with my lovely designer Ashley about hiring her to create custom templates for me, but I haven’t succeeded yet because a) she rightly charges a lot of money for things like this, and possibly more vitally b) I’d have to learn how to use InDesign, and it hurts my brain.

But these templates run on OpenOffice! Which is free, and not at all painful, and would in future allow me to write directly into the template and cackle madly! Which is goddamn brilliant, I tell you.

Not only are the existing templates pretty darn good, there’s details on how to create your own. I am full of Plans.

3. And that’s maybe the nicest thing of all. They’ve done a good job of creating a resource that gets you fired up and ready to start. And isn’t that the point?

So again, you should go and buy eBook Evolution.

Use the code RELAUNCH before the 15th to get 15% off.

And then show me the fabulous eBooks you make as a result.

(Why yes, I do make a few dollars if you buy through my link. What I will likely do with those dollars is buy a non-review copy of this resource, because I plan to use the HELL out of these templates.)